Zelindo Melegari wants another Alpine “good feeling” in ERC

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Zelindo Melegari wants to try again in the FIA European Rally Championship with the all-new Alpine A110 RGT.

Melegari used last week’s Rally Fafe Montelongo to make his debut in the CHAZEL Technologie Course-run car but went off the road on stage six on what was also the A110 RGT’s first international start. He restarted on Sunday and finished WHERE

“A mistake for us and we pay too much, I am sorry,” said the Italian. “Maye I start to push too much too early and I have to do more kilometres to learn better the car. In this moment [before we go out] I had a good feeling. When you are in the car you want to push more. I am sorry for Alpine for the first rally in the ERC.”


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