Sunday, September 19, 2021

Yazeed Al Rajhi: It was an unlucky first week

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Although he has lost all hopes of overall victory, the Saudi driver is still attacking with the goal of winning stages. Today, he achieved the 2nd best time on the special, 4 minutes behind Carlos Sainz.

“We planned before the start to push today, and we did it well, everything was ok. We got lost at one place: we kept right when the point was on the left, so we went uphill, turned round and came back, but everything went well with us. We attacked to the maximum, we really pushed. For me it was an unlucky first week. We broke the gearbox and lost a lot of time, but we’re still continuing to enjoy the race and that’s the most important thing. I think today is the best day for me. I did well on the stage today in Ha’Il and I started my rally career in Ha’Il in 2009″.

By: Official Dakar website

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