Friday, September 17, 2021

Vitaly Petrov: I don’t understand Lewis fighting against racism

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Former Formula-1 driver Vitaly Petrov says that Lewis Hamilton’s activities such as fight against racial inequality.

“I don’t think we should wear a T-shirt with words: ‘Black lives matter” and stumble before the race. It should be everyone’s personal choice”, said V. Petrov.

Former F-1 driver said that he doesn’t understand why driver all the time before the race he kneels on the knee: “If you know our traditions, a man kneels just in two cases: against the God and against his woman. You can express your opinion in social networks, to give interviews, to talk with politicians. But to do that in Formula – 1 race…I don’t think that half of fans understand that”.

V. Petrov also thinks that Russian doesn’t have problems with racism: “There is a different mentality in Russia. We don’t have the problems about which Lewis talks. Everyone must be respected.”

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