Monday, July 26, 2021

Tibor Érdi Jr dominates in ERC2 to move joint TOP in title standings

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Tibor Érdi Jr was fastest in ERC2 on all but two stages to take a dominant category triumph on Rally Fafe Montelongo, his second on as many rallies.

In doing so, the Hungarian will head to his home rally next month equal first in the title standings with Zelindo Melegari.

Giving the Alpine A110 RGT its international debut, Melegari went off the road on SS6 but battled back to finish fifth.

Andrea Mabellini snatched second from Dmitry Feofanov on the final stage and also took Abarth Rally Cup honours for the second time in 2020. Roberto Gobbin was fourth.

“It is two rallies and two victories so it is perfect for me,” said Érdi Jr. “We came here wanting to win the race and we work very hard before the rally with my team to make a good car and a good preparation. We have the second victory and we are very happy for this. It was important to win as many stages as possible to win each leg to have as many points as possible and we have maximum points for the second race. The last year in Hungary was not a good race for me but I try not to think of it like a home rally in my head.”


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