The first Dziugas Tovilavicius season in TCR: a new chapter in driver’s career


Last year’s Baltic TCR champion Dziugas Tovilavicius took the 7th place after the first his season in the German TCR championship. Meanwhile, the “Skuba Racing” team is the fifth in the team standings.  

“I honed the turns during the qualification, but all the time I was the tenth. That is enough to qualify for an additional qualification. In the second attempt, I stuck to 2018 champion Harald Prozcyk and looked at the right line. I am new in the German tracks, therefore the fast line allowed me to have a good time”, said D. Tovilavicius.

In the first race of the TCR championship, D. Tovilavicius start was perfect and in the first seconds rose from the sixth position to the third. In the second turn, the Lithuanian missed Domik Fugel, who was fighting for the title of champion, and raced in the fourth position in all races. In the last lap, “Skuba Racing” team driver’s mirror was filled with flashing lights by Dominic’s brother Marcel.

“I felt a lot of pressure and I was sure he would attack at any moment. This was the case in the last turn, but I defended and crossed the finish in the fourth position”, about the tense driving in the last lap said D. Tovilavicius.

In this stage Tiago Monteiro who finished in the third place, in TCR participated as a guest. Therefore, the Lithuanian got the third place points.

Meanwhile, in the second stage was not possible to relax, because drivers started in an inverted starting order. The absolute title of champion lined up behind D. Tovilavicius at the start.

“In this kind of circumstances, you must have a perfect start. I hurried and started too early. I received a fine for passing through the service area. I had to do it in 5 laps, but a safety car appeared on the track and there was so much action that we only realized at the last lap. We didn’t pass and got disqualified”, said the racer.

The Lithuanian driver was in the fourth place behind the safety car. However, the whole car column shrank abruptly and Jan Seyfert who was driving behind D. Tovilavicius at the third such stop did not manage to stop.

“I felt that something is wrong when as the car started to ski. The team leader reported that smoke rushes from the back during the walkie-talkie. The chassis broke, the rear bumper shifted and the tire was rubbed. Even if I had not been disqualified, I would not have finished the race”, did not hide his disappointment “Skuba Racing” team driver.

“Even if I had not been disqualified, I would not have finished the race”, Dziugas tovilavicius.

D. Tovilavicius says that he did not have a lot of expectations in the first his German Championship. The Lithuanian also promised that the next season he will come back stronger.

The TCR series race is one of the most competitive races in the world as racers driver cars of the same power and weight. Before the race, teams have 2 workouts of 30 minutes each.

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