Tuesday, July 27, 2021

The end: Kevin Magnussen will finish his career in F-1?

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According to Zak Brown, McLaren would have considered signing Kevin Magnussen to its IndyCar team. On Thursday K. Magnussen announced leaving the Haas team after four years.

The Danish made his Forumla-1 debut with Mclaren in 2014.

“IndyCar has been something that I’ve been interested in always. My dad was an IndyCar driver back in the nineties and I’ve been to into IndyCar races with him as a small child and just always thought it was super cool. I would love to have a go in that sometime.

But at the moment I think outside of Formula-1 the whole motorsport world is hit by these times that we have this year and it doesn’t look easy to get good deals over there. So, we will see. I’m not saying no to it at all and not saying it’s impossible, but it looks slightly difficult.”

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