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WTCR Estoril Ehrlacher and Tassi share wins, but Vernay retains the lead

Yann Ehrlacher and Attila Tassi took one race win apiece in the second event of the WTCR at Estoril.
While many of the top drivers met with troubles, Jean-Karl Vernay managed to retain the leadership of the standings, although by a slim margin. The Frenchman has scored 61 points, only five more than the trio formed by Tassi, Yvan Muller and Santiago Urrutia. Tiago Monteiro slipped to fifth, a further four points adrift, on equal points with Esteban Guerrieri, while Ehrlacher lies in seventh position, 12 points behind the leader.
The Lynk & Co cars dominated the first race, with Ehrlacher leading a 1-2-3 with teammates Muller and Urrutia on tow. The reigning champion started better than pole sitter Gabriele Tarquini and led the Italian until the latter retired with a flat front tyre. This left Muller comfortably holding the second place, while Urrutia managed to keep Monteiro and Guerrieri at bay to finish third. Vernay, Norbert Michelisz and Néstor Girolami were the top drivers eliminated in an incident after the start.
Guerrieri had the pole for Race 2, but he stalled and so Monteiro led the field from Tassi, Vernay and Urrutia who was soon demoted to sixth by Michelisz and Tarquini. Positions did not change until lap 10, when Monteiro was forced to pit to fix a loose bonnet. This handed the lead to Tassi who successfully defended it from Vernay and Michelisz until the end.
The next event takes place at MotorLand Aragón on July 9th/11th.

Race 1
1. Yann Erlacher (Cyan Racing, Lynk & Co 03), 15 laps
2. Yvan Muller (Cyan Racing, Lynk & Co 03), 1.746
3. Santiago Urrutia (Cyan Performance, Lynk & Co 03), 3.411

Race 2
1. Attila Tassi (Münnich Motorsport, Honda Civic Type R FK7), 16 laps
2. Jean-Karl Vernay (Team Engstler, Hyundai Elantra N), 1.030
3. Norbert Michelisz (BRC Squadra Corse, Hyundai Elantra N), 1.553

Championship points
1. JK. Vernay 61 pts; 2. A. Tassi 56; 3. Y. Muller 56

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