Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Sebastian Vettel: I can’t properly appreciate Lewis’ achievement

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After the Eifel GP, Sebastian Vettel shared his thoughts about Lewis Hamilton’s 91st victory. The British repeated Michael’s Schumacher record.

“I can’t properly appreciate Lewis’ achievement. In the past, I was convinced that no one would be able to overtake Michael and repeat his record. But we could expect that from Lewis.

But Michael will be my hero forever. He had something what no racer ever had. Maybe because he is my hero from childhood. It’s possible that after 15 or 20 years I will admire Lewis’ achievements. But while I’m in the race, I’m focused just on myself.

Michael is the best I have ever seen. He had a great talent. It’s hard to explain, but if you had ever seen him in karts… He had a natural gift. I can’t compare him to anyone.”

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