Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Returning Sindre Furuseth focused on ERC stage wins

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Sindre Furuseth returns to the FIA European Rally Championship on Rally Islas Canarias this week with stage wins his sole focus.

A frontrunner in ERC3/ERC3 Junior in 2019, Norwegian Furuseth will be eligible for both categories on the Tarmac event, which takes place from November 26-28.

But with Rally Islas Canarias marking his first ERC outing of 2020, the 27-year-old isn’t in the fight for either title – and is therefore prioritising stage wins in the Saintéloc Junior Team Peugeot 208 Rally4 he will share with Swedish co-driver Jim Hjerpe.

“My target is to definitely win as much stages as possible to prove my speed, that’s my only goal because I have nothing to do with the championship,” said Furuseth. “After the French championship I was aiming for this year was cancelled we are doing Rally Islas Canarias to try to prove we are the fastest. With Ken [Torn] and Pep [Bassas] doing the rally we have proper competition and I look forward to comparing my times with them and hopefully I can come out on top.”

Rallying is like riding a bike
Furuseth has only rallied once since he completed his 2019 ERC campaign but isn’t concerned about his lack of seat time. “For me it’s a little bit like a bicycle, you don’t forget,” he said. “I noticed on Rallye Monte-Blanc [in September] that we only needed one stage to get into the competition rhythm again and be able to push like before. I am quite confident we can get into it again.”

Event knowledge an advantage
Although a brake issue meant he wasn’t able to go the distance while he was in the thick of the podium battle on Rally Islas Canarias last year, Furuseth has some event knowledge to call upon. “Luckily there are stages completely the same like last year, so it’s good to start with some stages I know from before. I can do my homework with the onboards from last year. I am quite confident but we need to do our good preparation to fight for the win.”

From R2 to Rally4
After campaigning a Peugeot 208 R2 in 2019, Furuseth will be at the wheel of the French manufacturer’s 208 Rally4 for his Rally Islas Canarias return. “It’s the engine performance that’s the big difference,” he said.


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