Racing Point: Sergio Perez knew about talks with Sebastien Vettel

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Racing Point team’s leader Otmar Szafnauer says that Sergio Perez was “kept aware” about talks with Sebastian Vettel.

Despite of Sergio Perez statement via social media on Wednesday evening that after the season he would be leaving Silverstone-based team, the Mexican has revealed he only learned it just hours before about his exit was announced officially: “I found out last night”.

“I got a call from Lawrence [Stroll, team owner], he called me yesterday – that they were going into another direction… nobody told me anything [before that] but I already knew and figured out a couple of things and the final confirmation came yesterday,” said S. Perez.

On Wednesday evening S. Perez confirmed that he is leaving Racing Point at the end of this season despite the fact he signed three-year contract last year.

In a statement the Mexican said: “Everything in life always has a beginning and an end, and after seven years together, my time with the team will come to an end after this season.

“It hurts a bit as I bet on the team during very rough times; we managed to overcome obstacles and I am very proud of saving the jobs of several of my team mates.”

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