Tuesday, July 27, 2021

No points but Craig Breen ERC Portugal adventure doesn’t go unrewarded

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Craig Breen might have reached the finish of Rally Fafe Montelongo with zero points but he didn’t leave Portugal empty handed.

After the Irishman crashed out of the lead battle on a patch of oil on leg one, day two turned into an extended session for Breen and co-driver Paul Nagle.

“A difficult day because after pushing so hard yesterday it was tough to lose out of contention for the rally,” said the Team MRF Tyres driver. “We turned our attention to use it as best we can to gain kilometres on Tarmac.

“The challenge today was to learn how to manage the tyre, how to manage what combinations of tyres you need when, especially with how the conditions were changing. It’s not often that we can rally in so changeable conditions like this, so we have to try and use it as an opportunity and learn for the future.”

Although Breen’s Portuguese adventure ultimately ended in disappointed, he was still able to score the first FIA European Rally Championship stage win for Team MRF Tyres with a flying performance through stage four on Saturday.

“We have to remember that we were fighting right up at the front of the rally – right for the lead all the way. We have to remain confident and keep that in mind.”


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