Mick Schumacher: father used to say: ‘records are there to be broken’

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Michael Schumacher’s son Mick shared his thoughts about Lewis Hamilton’s chances to break his father’s records. Ferrari junior is currently leading the Formula 2 drivers’ championship. He was standing on eight podiums and one feature race win in his second year in the series.

“I think Lewis had a very, very good run. He had a very consecutive and positive run. Records are there to be broken and from our side, the Schumacher family do see it on a good side too. It’s good for the sport, he’s been very influential in this sport too. The next aim is for me, if I do make the step to Formula 1 is to break record again.”, – said M. Schumacher.

L. Hamilton replaced M. Schumacher in Mercedes when he retired at the end of 2012 season.

“Lewis coming to Mercedes after my dad left, I was at the track a few times and got to speak to him at certain moments. He’s a very busy man and I’m quite too, especially now due to COVID-19, it’s quite difficult to speak to each other. I’m focussing on myself right now, and Lewis is doing the same for him. Nevertheless, once the chance is there, it would be interesting to have a longer chat with him.”, – said the legend‘s son.

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