Max Verstappen to leave “Red Bull” team?

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Max Verstappen could leave “Red Bull” team next year reports the Dutch newspaper “De Tegraaf”. Driver’s contract contains few terms which the athlete could take as advantages if he wants to leave “Red Bull”.

During the winter break, the Dutchman was one of two pilots who extended his contract with his team. The Dutchman extended his contract with “Red Bull” until end of 2023. Meanwhile, Charles Leclerc signed 5 years contract with “Ferrari”.

There was a clause in the previous M. Verstappen contract regarding the team’s performance and capacity. If the athlete is not satisfied with “Red Bull’s” results, he could terminate the contract. This condition is also in the new contract.

Helmut Marko, „Red Bull‘s“ current advisor, said that the Dutchman could also leave the team if engine manufacturer and supplier „Honda“ left the championship: „We have a contact with Honda which runs until the end of 2021. F-1 car without the engine is ‚complicated story“. M. Verstappen climbed the podium in six stages in a row. But in the last two races in Monza and Muggelo, team didn‘t finish. After last weekend‘s race, the athlete finally revealed that he was plagued by the problems of Honda‘s engine.

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