Friday, September 17, 2021

Mário Castro all set for ERC ‘debut’ at home

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Mário Castro is making his FIA European Rally Championship debut on Rally Fafe Montelongo – as a driver.

Castro has 30 ERC starts to his name as a co-driver but has yet to make a start in the championship behind the wheel. Until now.

“I am a professional co-driver but six years ago I started to do some regional rallies,” said Castro. “I am not very experienced as a driver but I try to improve a little bit. Co-driving is definitely easier because I have more experience, since 1994. But it’s a good experience to be a driver and I like a lot.”

Castro, who lives in Fafe, is registered for ERC3 points on his home round of the championship. He has a clear plan in place: “For us it’s our first rally in ERC so we will try to enjoy the rally. I know very well the stages because I live in Fafe. I don’t know if the weather will help us but I will try to do my best. It’s not easy for us because our car is two steps below the others, but I will try.”



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