Monday, September 27, 2021

Manuel Andújar: It was really fun

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Manuel Andújar, second on today’s stage behind Alexandre Giroud, only conceded one minute and twelve seconds. The Argentinean holds onto first place in the general standings, with a lead of nineteen minutes over the Frenchman, with only four stages to go.

“After a lot of day’s riding I have… I don’t know the name in English [blisters], but my hand will be okay I hope for the rest of the Dakar. It was really fun, the last part. The first part was a little bit tricky with the navigation, but I liked the stage.

This part here near Neom is beautiful. Last year we couldn’t enjoy it much because it was really cold, but today it’s 20 to 25°C or something like that. It’s pretty cool to be here and see the rocks and mountains – it’s very beautiful. For me it was okay. I think the bike is okay, with not too much damage.

It’s positive. I don’t want to talk about Nico and his race. I really feel that what happened with him is really bad for everyone that is here, because it is a worse competition. But the race continues. Now it’s me and Giroud fighting for the lead and I’m very happy to do it”.

By: Official Dakar website

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