Friday, September 17, 2021

Luckless Emil Lindholm explained ERC crash

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FIA ERC1 Junior Championship frontrunner Emil Lindholm has spoken about the crash that put him out of Rally Fafe Montelongo this morning.

Driving a Škoda Fabia Rally2 Evo for Team MRF Tyres, Lindholm was fourth in class when he went out on stage three.

His retirement compounds a frustrating seven days for the Finn, which began when he lost out on the Finnish title following an accident on an event in his homeland.

He explained what went wrong: “It’s a bit unclear what the main cause at this point is. But to me, what happened was the second braking point of the stage, quite a fast place actually. We were in fifth gear, coming through a left and right combination. At the moment, I hit the brakes there was no bite. Already at this point, I knew we would we were going off. I had, at the time, to pump up the brakes and get a little feedback from the pedal, some pressure, but as I said it was too late. So, I just turned the car around as much as I could and we hit the stone wall with our rear end first. It was a big impact but lucky that we’re okay with Mikael [Korhonen] and I.

“Unfortunately, the body shell is quite damaged. I mean, we were doing about 120kph when we hit the stone wall. The deceleration was quite brutal. The left rear of the car is unrepairable in Fafe.

“It hurts because I know this could have been a good rally for us. I mean, the whole package was working well. And especially tomorrow and the rain was supposed to be even heavier. I think we would have had a strong, strong fighting chance. But it’s disappointing. That’s what we got to live with.”

Lindholm was fastest on Friday’s shakedown and had been expected to challenge for the top places in Portugal.


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