Friday, September 17, 2021

Lewis Hamilton: it was one of the worst qualifying sessions

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The best result in Sochi showed Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton and also broke a track record which he owned from 2019.

The second was Max Verstappen with Red Bull, the third Mercedes with Valtteri Bottas.

“It was one the worst qualifying endings. It was horrible. Heart in your mouth, the whole way. The first one, I got the time taken away obviously, which is the first time I’ve gone wide there the whole weekend.

I wanted to stay out and do another lap just to get a banker, but they said come in and get new tyres, and then the red flag came out.

Undoubtedly I’m most likely to get dragged past tomorrow. The guys I’m racing against, they are both on the medium tomorrow, so it’s definitely going to make it hard to win the race.

But nonetheless, I’m going to stay positive, try and figure out how can navigate my way through, get a good start, whatever it may be, and we’ll see”, said L. Hamilton.


Lewis Hamilton breaks Sochi track record

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