Iván Ares credits the rain in Spain for first ERC podium

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Iván Ares delivered the drive of his FIA European Rally Championship career – and put it down to the rain in Spain.

Ares, in a Pirelli-equipped Hyundai i20 R5, scored second-place ERC points on Rally Fafe Montelongo following a fine drive in the ever-changing and ever-challenging conditions.

“We are surprised, the rally is very complicated because the weather changes very much,” said Ares, who is co-driven by David Vázquez. “You have sun, rain and we don’t know the tyres to use. But it is the same for everybody. We are very satisfied. The position is incredible for us. We are from Galicia and in Galicia it always rains and we are very confident in these conditions. But it’s very difficult.”


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