Monday, October 18, 2021

Grégoire Munster transfers ERC speed to the world stage

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Grégoire Munster transferred his ERC1 Junior pace to the world stage when he took part on Rally Estonia earlier this month.

After placing third in class on the FIA European Rally Championship-counting Rally Liepāja in August, Munster headed to Estonia full of confidence.

Unfortunately, a mechanical issue for Munster and co-driver Louis Louka prevented a strong result in Estonia at the wheel of their BMA Autosport Hyundai i20 R5, although they were able finish for the seventh rally in succession.

“Those World Rally Cars didn’t make it easy for us,” Munster said. “Because they are able to put so much power on the ground the subsoil became churned and they left deep ruts. All that had an influence on the equipment. On Saturday we had no less than four punctures. Then the driveshaft broke in the penultimate special stage whereby we were unable to achieve our predetermined ambition, the top five in our category. That leaves a sour taste but I especially remember our performance. We did put in a constant performance, there was a clear-cut progression in our times. When the driveshaft broke, we showed true grit, we continued to work and managed to dismantle the broken driveshaft and still reach the finish.”


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