Formula 1 racers wrote a letter to Michael Masi

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During the restart, the Mugelle safety car turned off the lights very late, the racers tried to guess the start of the moment of acceleration so that when they crossed the line, they could start the fight immediately, then slowed down and accelerated again.

As a result of these actions, a mass accident occurred – as many as 12 athletes received warnings at once, and four had to withdraw from the fight due to broken cars. After the race, many journalists had questions to FIA racing director Michael Masi, but he rejects all claims, saying that the safety car turned off the lights in time and even the youngest Formula 3 racer found out with restart.

During the press conference in Sochi, one of the GPDA directors, Romain Grosjean, confirmed that the racers had written a letter to M. Masi asking many questions.

“We wrote a letter to M. Masi to understand what we could do better next time. I don’t think something specific happened to Mugelle during the restart but the overlap of several factors led to major crash. We were lucky that no one was hit hard in the crash”, – said R. Grosjean.

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