Exclusive interview with the Queen of Drift Karolina Pilarczyk (II)


No money, no automotive knowledge and without the most important thing support. This is the Queen of Drift Karolina‘s Pilarczyk story. A highly driven, motivated and hard-working Karolina opened a new chapter in the Poland‘s motorsport history.

The first part of K. Pilarczyk‘s interview you can read here.

What is your plan for 2021? Are you planning to compete in Drift Masters Championship?

As always I want to compete in Polish Drift Championship, European Drift Championship Drift Kings and in Formula Drift. Probably, we will also ask for the DMEC license. It depends on the schedule and technical requirements.

Motorsport is a dangerous sport and sometimes this passion finishes tragically. Do you still have the fair feeling?

Yes, I have it. But most of the time I fear because of a car. I don’t want to destroy it because it is very expensive. I’m not afraid for myself. I had a very serious accident few years ago and the car was damaged, but nothing happened to me. After this I feel immortal.

Undoubtedly, you have heard jokes about yourself as a driver. How did you react at first? Did it hurt you?

Of course, I’ve heard. First, it was really difficult to hear that. As I mentioned, I didn’t have any motorsport knowledge and any experience. My drift car wasn’t good too. Those days drifting was very new and most of the people didn’t know how to handle with it. Guys could meet with each other, to help each other and try to solve problems. But nobody helped me. People preferred to laugh at me than to help. It was really difficult period for me.

Many rally fans say that Drift isn’t the sport, it’s more a show. You don’t need to be very talented, but you must have very good skills. What would you tell people who thinks that Drift isn’t a sport? 

It shows that they don’t know what about they are talking. I’ve heard these kind of opinions few years ago, but right now it looks that people know more about it. Many professional drivers from other motorsport disciplines are really impressed by the skills of drift drivers. Our cars are few times more powerful than rally cars. This also shows that you have to have talent and skills to control them. Drifting is about precision. All the time you play with limits. If you don’t love it, you will never be perfect in this.

It’s not a big secret that you must show yourself for society. And for sure sometimes you should show personal life. Where do you draw the line how much you let see your “followers”?

My life is my work. I don’t have children, my Team Manager is also my partner. I don’t any have vacations and I work 24 hours per day. I think it’s exciting because I want to show this to my followers. I am also talking about everything and don’t have any taboo.

A lot of drivers have their own business and then invest to their hobby motorsport. If we don’t talk about cars, is there something which grabs Karolina’s attention too?

Drifting is my profession. As I mentioned, we operate as a Public Relations and Marketing company based on motorsport. Before this, I was working in IT corporations and still I’m in this world. But this is my hobby. So, beside drifting, I am activist for animal rights. I am the ambassador of AST organization which helps for dogs. I am also very active in volunteering.

Most of the time people have the “plan B” in their life. Do you sometimes have in your mind that one day it can finish? Do you have the plan “B” in your life?

Yes, it would be IT world. I was working for IT companies for 15 years and I study PhD. So, I think I have a safe place.

After failures many sportsmen go to the psychologists, others try to solve problems with team. How about you? How do you recover after your failures?

I was fighting long time for what I have right now. That’s why I am very happy with my current situation. Even if I fail with something, I don’t care. Of course, I learn a lesson, but I know that no matter what happens, will be better day and I will find the way how to deal with problems. I am very happy for what I have now. But as I mentioned, everything is because of a long and hard work.

“I was fighting long time for what I have right now.”

Do you have idols in your life?

Difficult question… I admire and I follow a lot of successful people. I love to watch and I try to take an example from a lot of great drivers, such as James Deane, Chelsea Denofa, Piotr Więcek. From business area it would be Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Richard Branson. Maybe these people are not my idols, but they did a lot of things which is worth to copy.

One of the most famous drivers’ in the world Ayrton Senna once said: “If a person has no dreams, no longer to have any reason to live. Dreaming is necessary, although in the dream reality should be glimpsed. For me this is a principle of life”. So, what kind of dreams do you have?

I dream about so many things! Such as to win Formula Drift, to build a big and successful company, to have a rescue rancho for animals. I wish that won’t be any cruelty against humans and animals.

Where does Karolina Pilarczyk see herself after 5 or 10 years?

Still on the track. I don’t imagine the day when I stop. I have an idea to open workshop, which would prepare professional sports cars. I want to help young people to start and develop in motorsport. I am talking about running the whole racing/drifting program.

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