Friday, September 17, 2021

Erik Cais goes online to get ready for latest ERC challenge

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Yacco ACCR Team’s Erik Cais searched Google Earth to prepare for Rally Fafe Montelongo, Portugal’s round of the 2020 FIA European Rally Championship.

As is the case with his ERC rivals, Cais has no knowledge of the all-asphalt route that awaits from October 2-4, so had to get creative with his preparation.

He said: “I have used Google Earth to see how the road looks like in a few spots and I think it will be a nice surprise for everyone. It’s a really great challenge that it’s a new rally for everyone but it will also be a lot of fun for everyone.”

Cais, 21, said that as well as having a preference for driving on Tarmac, he would also relish the likelihood of wet weather.

“If we have rain it’s really difficult but I would say it’s probably the conditions I like most. I am looking forward if there is some rain and water on the roads. You need to focus 200 per cent [but] it’s really cool to drive these fast cars on a wet surface.”

Cais has graduated from ERC3 Junior to ERC1 Junior to drive a Ford Fiesta R5 MkII alongside co-driver Jindřiška Žáková.


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