Monday, October 18, 2021

ERC2’s Dmitry Feofanov impresses on first wet tarmac try-out

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Dmitry Feofanov continued his strong start to the FIA ERC2 season with podium number two of 2020 – despite Rally Fafe Montelongo marking his first experience of driving on Tarmac in the rain.

Prior to his trip to northern Portugal, the Latvia-based driver had only rallied on asphalt on two previous occasions with both starts coming in dry conditions.

But he shrugged off his knowledge deficit to finish third in class at the wheel of his Prospeed Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X.

“This was my third rally on Tarmac,” said Feofanov. “The two first [Tarmac rallies] were in a brilliant condition in Italy but [in Portugal] it was a lot of challenge and really hard when it’s a partly dry stage, partly a wet stage when you need to choose your tyres. For me it was something new but we were always trying to learn. I got a lot of new experience, it was hard but I am happy to be at the finish.”


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