Saturday, June 19, 2021

ERC Q&A: Pepe Lopez

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Rallye Team Spain’s 2019 Rally Islas Canarias winner and former ERC1 Junior frontrunner looks ahead to his return to FIA European Rally Championship duty in a Citroën C3 R5.

After winning in 2019 what’s your aim for 2020?
“We are looking for a good result once again because we are fighting for both national championships so we need a good result. At the same time, we are taking part in a European championship round so we want to good position in the overall classification.”

How difficult is Rally Islas Canarias?
“This rally is very particular, there is no rally in the world similar to Rally Islas Canarias so you have to adjust your car, adjust your driving, adjust all the things around you to make a good performance.”

With the event moving from May to November how much difference will this make?
“It’s typical on an island that we can have some changes in the weather and some surprises. We can expect some light rain and fog, things like this.”

Do you expect road position to be a factor in terms of the outcome?
“It’s not as important as other events because there are no cuts at all and the road will be very constant. You just need to have the information about the weather for the tyre decision, this is the most important.”

Have you been able to follow the ERC rallies this year and what do you think of the competition you will face?
“For sure I follow this championship and I look at the rivals. As always Alexey Lukyanuk will be strong but there is also Oliver Solberg and Andreas Mikkelsen. He’s one of the top drivers on the entry list. There will be a lot of competition but I love the challenge and the chance to fight against the best drivers. Let’s see what will happen but we try to make a good result for Citroën Spain.”


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