ERC Q&A: Grégoire Munster


The ERC1 Junior title chaser has a firm target in mind on the 2020 FIA European Rally Championship-counting Rally Islas Canarias. This is what he had to say.

Turning to Grégoire Munster, a massive fight with the ERC1 Junior title up for grabs, what is the target this weekend?
“The target is for sure to win in the ERC1 Junior category also to do the best result possible in the overall standing. It will be a bit tricky to get used to these roads compared to what we have in Belgium. We have some experience from the previous year but the stages change a lot. But it’s good knowledge to have from last year and we will try to use that this year.”

Like Ken Torn in ERC3 Junior there’s a great prize on offer, €100,000 as a grant to the winner of the ERC1 Junior title to spend next year. What’s the target, the main championship next year?
“That would be the goal. You need the first year to learn the different stages and then just driving R5 because it’s our first year in this category. So, it’s the first year to learn, the second one to win. That would be our goal.”

At the end of the Qualifying Stage earlier you weren’t so happy. What was the issue and what can be done to fix that?
“We had sliding in the corner, not just oversteer or understeer but the complete car. We were lacking traction but it was a small problem. But nobody wants to be in the first positions tomorrow, it’s the big question mark. It will rain in the night, maybe in the morning tomorrow and some of the drivers want to be behind to get a cleaner line. I’m just happy with the position we have, we have some good experience on the shakedown and tomorrow starts the real rally.”

You have a big battle with Oliver Solberg this weekend but what’s the relationship like, do you get on?
It’s really friendly between us and Oliver and Aaron [Johnston]. But we don’t have that much time and then there is also the situation with the COVID. But when we have time it’s always friendly, it’s a friendly fight. We both want to achieve something great and we fight it on the stage.

Charles, your younger brother is also competing on this event and in the ERC for the first time, so are you going to keep an eye on him or is he just going to do his own thing?
“Normally I will try to give him some advice, I did also before the rally. But now we are focused on our own thing and trying to do our best. For sure if he needs some help I will always be there but this rally is really important for us so I will focus on that.”


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