Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Emil Lindholm plans to hit back from home Rally woe with ERC TOP 5

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Emil Lindholm will make up for the disappointment of his Finnish championship defeat by showing his pace and potential once again in the FIA ERC1 Junior Championship on Rally Fafe Montelongo.

Lindholm, who partners Craig Breen in Team MRF Tyres’ ERC line-up, started last weekend’s Pohjanmaa SM-Ralli chasing the Finnish championship won by his father Sebastian Lindholm six times in the past, only for a high-speed accident to put him out of contention.

Undeterred, Lindholm will refocus on his ERC1 Junior programme with Team MRF Tyres alongside co-driver Mikael Korhonen.

“Rally Fafe Montelongo will be a great challenge for us and Team MRF Tyres,” said Lindholm. “I have been around Fafe in a recce for the World Rally Championship round but that was on gravel and this is on Tarmac!

“From what I see, [the roads] are quite smooth, and twisty. It should be a nice surface which is not broken up like the roads we saw in Italy for example, so it is a new challenge again.

“Our focus continues to be on the development of the next generation of MRF Tyres. But I would like to be ahead of where we were in Rome where we took a top 10 for Team MRF Tyres. We know the quality of the field in the ERC is super-high. As a result, it is quite tough out there and any result is earnt, not given. So, if we can close up on the top five in Fafe, that would be a great target for now.”


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