Friday, September 17, 2021

Drama in Fafe: Craig Breen and Oliver Solberg in trouble in ERC

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Craig Breen has completed stage eight of Rally Fafe Montelongo with the left-rear wheel missing on his Team MRF Tyres Hyundai i20 R5.

Breen reported hitting a patch of oil two kilometres from the finish of the 14.13-kilometre Anjos stage.

“I saw a big patch of oil and lost the rear suddenly,” said Breen, who had earlier scored the first stage win in the ERC for Team MRF Tyres. “I touched the stone with the left rear. There was oil all over the road.”

Solberg, who started the stage in third place as the leader of the ERC1 Junior Championship, dropped more than six minutes to event leader Alexey Lukyanuk. He said: “It was the engine or something, the exhaust is blocked or something.”


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