Dakar 2021 Q&A: Quads master Carlos Alejandro Verza


Argentina is extremely interested in motorsport, especially when the Dakar rally was held in South America. Although the toughest rally raid in the world organization ASO decided to open a new chapter in Saudi Arabia, the quads master the Argentinian Carlos Alejandro Verza will try to attack the Dakar rally the seventh time in a row.

Chaco native put a lot efforts that could debut in Dakar quads category in 2015. After 4 years C. Verza decided to try his luck in the Orginal by Motul category, which talks about dexterity and the ability to survive in the toughest world race even with limited financial means.

Satisfied with the new continent and the challenge of the Saudi Arabia desert, C. Verza decided to try to reach TOP 5 in Dakar rally.

You saw the Dakar rally in two continents: South America and in the Middle East. Which Dakar was the toughest for you?

The Dakar only changed scenery.  The hardness, the difficulty and the uncertainty are still intact. I have never experienced an original Dakar. This rally is so difficult and a big challenge for me. One day you can do well and the next day is everything opposite. Your mood changes by moments. But the Middle East represents a great challenge.

#260 Verza Carlos Alejandro (arg), Yamaha, Verza Rallye Team, Original by Motul, Quad during the Dakar 2020’s Podium Start in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on January 4, 2020 Photo credit: A.S.O./C.López

Now is worldwide pandemic and preparation for rally was different too. How are you preparing for it?

Worldwide pandemic changed my preparation a lot. It took a lot of time to find myself with the quad bike. It was a great challenge and a preparation even more. I thought I won‘t back to Dakar. It is a terrible year for whole world. I work at night in the quadricycle since during the day I fulfill my obligations of my work. I tried my quad 1 hour per day and I increased my training pace when the quad was on the boat.

It will be the seventh your Dakar rally and everyone knows that it is the toughest rally raid in the world. What things are toughest for you in this rally?

To be mechanic and the pilot at the same time is very difficult. In this rally I experience very extreme moments. I remember 2015 Dakar when two days in a row I didn‘t sleep, because I needed to change an engine. Now I feel well prepared to fight in Dakar. At the same time I respect this rally a lot. The most difficult thing is to resist sleep, because to fight in Original by Motul category, you don‘t have time for it.

Now I feel well prepared to fight in Dakar.

— Carlos Alejandro Verza

You were already in TOP 10 in Dakar. Could we expect to see you in TOP 5 in Saudi Arabia?

I always try to finish the Dakar. And of course, as best as I can. But I have limits too. The biggest factor is financial abilities. It costs me a lot of money in Argentina to pay for ASO organization. I know that I must be more competitive. Every time I gain a lot experience and it is the biggest treasure. It is very important to know how to survive and run the Dakar.

2015Quads / 16th place
2016Quads / retired 8th stage
2017Quads / 14th place
2018Quads / 18th place
2019Quads / Origanl by Motul / 9th place
2020Quads / Original by Motul / 11th place


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