Monday, June 14, 2021

Community spirit gets newcomer Munster Jr. back on track in ERC

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Charles Munster will make his FIA European Rally Championship debut on Rally Islas Canarias after all.

The 19-year-old from Luxembourg crashed his Peugeot 208 Rally4 in testing on Tuesday to the extent it was beyond immediate repair to enable he and French co-driver Charlyne Quartini to start the 2020 ERC finale.

However, the Spanish Mavisa Sport team came to the rescue by loaning BMA Autosport its spare 208 Rally4, which BMA boss Bernard Munster – father of Charles and ERC1 Junior title contender Grégoire Munster – spent Wednesday converting from gravel to asphalt specification.

Of Tuesday’s incident, Charles Munster said: “We start the stage, the note was correct but I didn’t hear it so good so I was too fast on the corner because I wasn’t thinking it was so tight, so I come too fast and we went off into the barrier.”

He continued: “The rally will be a complete discovery for me, I never drove on such high-grip stages with good weather, because in Belgium it’s never so good. For me the objective is to learn and do some good times at the end of the event to have a good pace and take some experience with these very fast drivers. I will not be pushing so much to be on the top but I will try to do my best. It’s my first time in the European championship and I’m happy to be here.”


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