Saturday, June 19, 2021

Benediktas Vanagas: I would stop not just for the Lithuanian

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“InBank Toyota Gazoo Racing Baltics by Pitlane” driver Benediktas Vanagas could be described the “Heroe of the Day”. The Lithuanian stopped to help to his native Vaidotas Zala who stopped 20 km before the finish.

“I would stop not just for the Lithuanian. I could stop for foreigner too if I know him. When you fight for top places, it’s your decision to stop or no”, said B. Vanagas.

Benediktas Vanagas reached the best result in Baltics States in Dakar 2019 when he finished in 11th place, last year the Lithuanian was the in the 15th place. He is the only driver from Baltics States who is in the manufacturing team.

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