Baja “Russia – Northern Forest” will open the season in the Baja World Cup


Russia will become the first country in the new sports year hosting the highest racing series in the rally-raid discipline – the World Cup competition held under the aegis of  FIA. The only snow-ice baja in the world will take place on February 4-7.  “Northern Forest” since 2003 has opened the scoring in the series and sets the racing rhythm for the season.

It`s been several years when competitions in cross country rallies for  short distances – bajas – have been taken out by the FIA in a separate series.  Unlike multi-day line races and marathons, they attract participants by the compactness of all key points of the competition and financial affordability. The race lasts 2-3 days and this allows many participants to find both the time and the opportunity to participate.

The main features of the baja, the snow and ice cover make it unique. No other country in the world can boast of such a high-level racing event.

In addition to the winter surroundings, the Russian stage of the World Cup is notable for its compactness and minimal distances (liaisons) between high-speed selective sections. The rally route goes along paved public dirt roads, closed for civilian traffic during the race, and forest paths. Unlike long line rally-raids, the “Russia – Northern Forest” baja has a looped route that allows minimizing both the distances between high-speed sections and the time of the event.

In February 2021 the Baja headquarters and service park will be located in the Igora Drive complex. A unique project combining technical sports and entertainment is located 54 km from St. Petersburg. Igora-Drive is 10 tracks for auto and motor sports, built using the most advanced world-class technologies, as well as a ring road with certification of the highest category – FIA Formula 1. Autodrom takes an active part in the development of automotive culture and safe road traffic in Russia, as well as in the training of young talents in motorsport and motorcycle disciplines.

The Russia – Northern Forest Baja events will start on Thursday with administrative checks and technical inspections, and from Friday to Sunday, participants will overcome 10 high-speed sections with a total length of 479 kilometers on snow and ice of the Leningrad Region. The Russian teams can apply both for  the World Cup classification and the first stage of the Russian Rally-Raid Championship within the framework of the competition.

In 2020, the owner of the Baja World Cup in the overall standings was Vladimir Vasiliev from St. Petersburg, and Vasily Gryazin. They won the World Cup in the SSV category. The opportunity to compete side by side with world pilots incredibly increases the motivation and skill level of Russian competitors what makes them win the brightest awards in the rally-raid World discipline.

Credit By: Bajarussia

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